What God Wants Me to Do

Since giving my life to Christ in 2009, I have searched and searched for what God wants me to do.

I know that He is the source of truth. He is the source of life. He knows better than me.

So I never want to make a decision without His guidance.

But He doesn’t always answer my questions… or at least that’s how it feels.

But I have learned some things since then and I want to share them with you…

God is not a dictator

He gave us free will. I used to think that God’s highest purpose for me was obedience… that to the extent I obey, I am right with Him. Of course, obedience is important but in the book “Hearing God” by Dallas Willard I learned to think of it like my relationship with my own kids… when they are out in the backyard playing, I don’t care what they are doing or how they are doing it, as long as it is good. I love to see them happy. I love to see them get along. I love to see them filling their souls with goodness. In the same way, God loves to see us succeed and He designed us to be creative, and not to be robots.

God “doesn’t care”

I spent years asking my Brothers in my men’s group little questions here and there that helped me sort out what God wants me to do for my career. I was sure that God would be angry with me if I picked a career that was selfish in nature. But my Brother Curt told me about his friend who had a similar journey as me…. he spent years trying to figure out what God wanted him to do for his career. After church one day, he stuck around to spend more time in prayer because it was weighing on him. After getting angry at God and demanding an answer, he heard God in an audible voice say “I don’t care”. Of course, God cares what we do, but as long as we are in His will, how we do it is up to us. There is a reason that I desire to play golf. I can’t see the ending yet, but I believe that He put that in my heart for a reason.


The closest I ever came to hearing God in an audible voice was in my car on the way to a Christian business seminar. My intention for the event was to hear from God. I figured that if God wanted to speak through someone to tell me what to do, it would most likely happen there. But God had other plans. He told me before I got there. But it was the same theme as always… He wants me to choose. What I heard was “I trust you”. I became overwhelmed with joy. I started to weep. I couldn’t believe that the God of the universe trusts me. Maybe you don’t trust yourself as much as God does.

How to know what God wants you to do

Pray that His will be done in your life. Listen for His still small voice. He talks directly and indirectly to us… but you have to slow down and listen. One of my favorite leaders is Perry Marshall, who teaches business and marketing principles. He spends 1 hour every morning praying, reading, journaling, and listening to God. He credits this for his recent success. His business has been growing, his peace has been increasing, and his purpose in life is becoming clearer.

Another tip… when my unclear about something, my Brother Rich asks God to reveal something to him in 3 ways. I also heard the same strategy being used successfully from Dallas Willard’s book “Hearing God”. It is easy for us to assume that we heard God when in fact we could have just heard what we wanted to hear, or even the fruit of a bad seed that Satan planted years ago. By asking God to reveal the same truth in 3 ways, Rich gives God credit for being powerful. He believes that God is so great that He can raise Jesus from the dead. So why can’t He send a few messages to Rich to let Him know in fact, this is something from God? He has been using this strategy for years and he recommends we try it.

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