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When I say “bridge” I am talking about a bridge that you need to build to help you get from this side of the canyon to the other side, where financial freedom is.

There are millions of ways to build a bridge. But there is a right way & wrong way to do it.

If your goal is financial freedom, the best bridge for you is what I call a rope bridge...

A rope bridge is simple, fast & affordable.

Anybody can build one.

But not anybody can build the Golden Gate Bridge.

The planning process for the Golden Gate Bridge started in 1919. The project was completed in 1937.

It took 18 years to build.

And they had architects, engineers, technicians, machines & tools to help them.

It would probably take one person a dozen lifetimes to build a bridge like that, by themselves.

And that is exactly what entrepreneurs tend to do.

They see a grand vision, they know it's BIG, so they get started at once... and they bust their hump for a decade until they realize that they just can't take it any more.

They are out of energy, money, time & even relationships.

So what is the solution?

Build a rope bridge FIRST.

Start with a more simple & practical goal... like financial freedom.

If you can get financial freedom, then you can get time freedom.

If you can get time freedom, you can play golf & enjoy the process of building your team of trusted advisors that will help you build your vision and actually get it complete in your lifetime.

In my opinion, you are not ready for your grand vision until you are financially free.

There is too much pressure.

There is not enough time in the day to get all the work done.

You are forced to wear TOO many hats.

You will always be out of money.

And your family will resent you.

That's called survival mode.

You need to get out of survival mode.

You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

If your expenses are 5k/mo, you need to create 10k/mo+ in passive (or at least residual) income so that you can work on your dream bridge in peace... and enjoy the process... without the jaded family & angry employees.

Spend a couple years creating THAT... and your family will respect you again, your dreams will be renewed & it will feel like everything you touch turns to gold.

I think the rope bridge is the pre-requisite to the dream bridge.

The purpose of your rope bridge is to serve your dream bridge.

You keep your dream bridge in the back of your mind, and put the rope bridge in the front of your mind, for a couple years, so that the dream bridge is possible.

Once the rope bridge gets you to the other side, you are ready to begin planning your dream bridge.

And before you begin construction of the rope bridge, you need a simple plan… which is what the report is.

But before you check your email, let me explain a little more about your result...

Your Results:

"LTV Bridge"

In my opinion, you should build an LTV bridge, because based on your answers, it appears that your best opportunity is getting customers to complete more transactions.

If I was in your shoes, the bridge I would build, is an LTV bridge.

LTV is a metric we use in marketing to ensure that we maximize the amount of revenue we generate, over time.

There are 3 primary metrics we use to optimize the growth of any business: CPA, AOV & LTV.

CPA stands for “cost per action”. This is the amount of money you spend to acquire a new visitor, lead or customer. If you cut your CPA in half, with all else being equal, you can afford to acquire twice as many customers.

AOV stands for “average order value”. This is the amount of money the average customer spends per transaction. If you double your AOV, with all else being equal, you double your revenue.

LTV stands for “life-time value”. This is the amount of money the average customer spends over the life of their patronage with your business. If you double your LTV, with all else being equal, you double your revenue.

These 3 metrics represent the way Jay Abraham measures success in business.

If you don't know who Jay Abraham is, he has helped more than 10,000 businesses in over 1,000 industries succeed.

He is directly responsible for more than $20 billion in sales. He is trusted by FedEx, Tony Robbins, Daymond John & many other big names.

Jay Abraham says there are only 3 ways to grow a business:

1. Get new customers
2. Get customers to spend more per transaction
3. Get customers to complete more transactions

CPA is the metric we use in marketing to get new customers.

AOV is the metric we use in marketing to get customers to spend more per transaction.

LTV is the metric we use in marketing to get customers to complete more transactions.

The reason I think LTV is more important for you then the other 2 is because the answers to your questions indicate that getting customers to spend more, over time, is your low hanging fruit.

If you sell widget A for $100 and that is all you sell to your average customer, your LTV is $100.

If you add widget B to your suite of products & sell it for $100, after selling widget A, then your LTV is $200.

What if you created widget C & also sold that for $1,000?

Now your LTV is $1,200.

The mistake most entrepreneurs in your position make is they don’t track LTV & they don’t make enough offers.

For example:

Starbucks sells coffee. But they also sell fruit, sandwiches & pastries. And you may or may not know that they also sell espresso machines.

They paid for a customer to come in & buy coffee, but they know their customer and they know that their customer also wants refreshments & espresso machines.

If they only sold coffee, their LTV might be $100.

But if they also sold food, their LTV might go up to $150.

And if they also sell espresso machines, their LTV might go up to $175.

Either way, they are going to serve the same amount of customers & the cost to acquire those customers is going to be the same, but if they measure & optimize LTV, they can maximize profit.

If they can get their LTV up by $75, they have an extra $75 to spend on acquiring more customers or whatever they would like.

So my suggestion to you is to look at how much customers spend over time, and optimize it.

How do you get your LTV up?

The best way to do that is to model someone who is great at it.

That person is Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson took his company from 0 to $100M in revenue per year within 4 years.

And his company is still growing… because he mastered this.

And he teaches his whole system to entrepreneurs, like you & me.

He teaches everything from soup to nuts, so that if you are brand new, you have the whole encyclopedia... or if you are more experienced, you can pull the chapters out that are most applicable.

When I got started building funnels, I got hired by a company that invested in Russell’s Funnel Hacks program… which was $997.

Many entrepreneurs succeeded with Funnel Hacks so Russell’s company exploded.

He learned a lot about many types of businesses, he improved his system & then he rebuilt Funnel Hacks training, improved his software, rebuilt the offer & called it “Funnel Builder Secrets” & raised the price to $1,997.

He has since sold over 10k copies of Funnel Builder Secrets at $1,997.

Hundreds of his students have used Funnel Builder Secrets to sell at least $1M in products/services… and he can prove it.

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