My Stance on Abortion

I believe that there is a solution that has yet to be discovered.

I strongly agree with republicans that life is precious and who are we to end a life that God has created.

But I also agree with democrats that the government should not have the authority to make an abortive decision because there are some cases where it is right.

Where it is RIGHT, you scream!!!???!!!

It is NEVER right to kill… let alone a precious, innocent, young life.

But it was right that God killed all but 1 in Sodom & Gomorrah.

And it was right that God flooded the earth.

Only He knows the end result of all of this.

One example I can think of where it would be good to abort (amongst other thoughts I have had) is that the bad decision to abort brings the mother to her knees once she is overwhelmed with guilt. The baby is saved and will be in heaven, and could be argued that was the best scenario of all because they never had to experience all the evil on earth. But if the Mom is willing to abort, her actions tell me that she has not given her life to Christ… which could mean that the pregnancy was God’s plan of salvation because only He knows that this is the only way into this girl’s heart.

So my contention is that it should be a law, but with exceptions.

Every woman who is considering abortion must go through counseling.

And if the need is urgent (like the mother’s life being at risk), then there is an “ER” for abortion counseling.

Who are these counselors?

They are Christian, Spirit-led counselors who go through judge training.

I can’t imagine a more difficult decision to make…

For both the mom and the “judge”.

So it takes a special person… but God had to make the hard decision to wipe out Sodom & Gomorrah and so I think he can prepare someone to handle this.

But I remain open to deeper truth.