Making Bad Choices? Here is How to Fix it

Do you feel like your heart is in the right place, yet you consistently make bad choices?

I think the reason is…

The “source” of your truth.

What do you believe… and why?

Just like an apple started as a seed, your choices started as a choice.

You chose to go to a certain event, listen to something, read something, etc… which influenced your thought process.

What you may not have been aware of when you did that is that there are consequences to every choice… good and/or bad.

If you choose to read a good book or watch a good movie or play a good game, you will have good “fruit” from it.

If you read a bad book, etc… you will have bad fruit.

When I was a kid, my parents told me not to hang out with a certain friend. I chose not to listen to them and I ended up getting into trouble. I made one particularly bad choice which escalated into a series of lies. My “friend” was over and we went through the cupboards to find a snack. He asked if he could have some cookies and I said no because my parents said they were reserved for a party. He convinced me to open the bag and we enjoyed some cookies. Then I chose to take the bag of cookies in my room and polish the bag off to “hide the evidence”. I guess I thought that would make the issue disappear. Sure enough, my parents went around to all of the kids (i have 5 siblings) and asked where the cookies went. I lied and said that I did not know. I figured they would just buy a new bag of cookies and it was not a big deal…. but they continued the investigation and ended up finding the truth. I probably lied to my parents about 5 times in that series of events… and when they realized that my “friend” had influenced me negatively, they drew the line in the sand and enforced a rule that I am not allowed to hang out with him ever again.

Imagine if I had the ability to discern like my parents did when they knew from the beginning that he was not a good friend for me…

What if i made a different choice in friends?

What if my friend said, “hey, let’s go rake some yards to earn some money so we can go buy some cookies”.

My parents would have loved the kid.

And he would probably still be my friend.

And I would probably be reaping the rewards of making good choices that he influenced me to make, to this day.

But even the “cookie” part has some issues with it…

What if he said, “let’s plant a tree so we can have some apples next year”.

That would have even been better.

But what really matters, is that we ask ourselves what we believe and why.

You will find all kinds of motivations in your heart, and if they are centered on you, bad fruit is imminent.

God set this world up to serve each other.

I actually enjoy serving other people.

But, my sin nature doesn’t think that way.

If i don’t take the time to stop and think before I make a choice, I end up making a choice that serves me, and may or may not serve others… resulting in bad choices.

If i take the time to have a quick conversation with my Creator, He guides me… and my choices are based on a deeper truth that I may or may not understand… resulting in good choices.

Give it a try…

Next time you have to make a choice, ask God for his opinion.

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