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Here is what you need to know to fully understand the report:

In case you didn't know, I like to call your low hanging fruit a "bridge".

It's a bridge that you can build, to get to your goal.

Maybe your goal is financial freedom.

Maybe your goal is to enjoy your work.

Maybe your goal is to help people.

Maybe it's all 3.

Whatever it is, you need to build a bridge to get it, and the best way to build a bridge is to determine where it should go, how big it is, how fancy it will be, what your budget is, what the deadline is, etc... in advance.

The planning process for the Golden Gate bridge started in 1919. The construction began in 1933. The project was completed in 1937. 

See how much time went into planning?

The good news is, for your bridge, it doesn't have to be anywhere near that complicated.

It could be something as simple as "I want to write a 7-day email sequence to rebuild the relationship with my flock".

That would be a good bridge to build, if you think it is the best way to achieve your goal.

Using the Golden Gate Bridge analogy... if it took 14 years to plan and 4 years to build... you can expect to spend 3x as long planning, preparing, thinking before you begin to work with your hands.

What are you going to say in the emails? How are you going to say it? Who are you writing to? What are their needs? What are their dreams? What technology are you going to use? Do you have any help? How many hours per day can you spend on this project? What is the consequence if you don't finish on time? What is plan B, if plan A doesn't work out? 

I am not suggesting that you have to follow an exact science, all I am saying is that your chances of success are greater if you think the whole thing through before you begin building... and more importantly that you make a promise to yourself to finish the bridge. Meaning, if a new, better opportunity comes along, you say no.  

And you might have already done most of the thinking... so it's possible you can start building right away.

With that said, let's get back to your result...

What is LTV?

Based on your answers you should build an LTV bridge.

LTV stands for “lifetime value”.

This is the most important metric in business.

It answers the question: “how much does an average customer spend over the lifetime of their patronage with my company?”.

The mistake most entrepreneurs make is they don’t track this number & they don’t make enough offers.

For example, let’s say your average transaction value is $100 & customers purchased one time from you.

This would make your LTV $100.

What if you could get them to complete 2 transactions?

Now your LTV is $200.

What if you could get them to complete 10 transactions?

Now your LTV is 1k.

With all else being equal, you just 10x’d your business.

How do you get your LTV up?

You do what the master did.

Russell Brunson took his company from 0 to $100M/year in revenue within 4 years.

And his company is still growing… because he mastered this.

And he teaches his whole system to his entrepreneurial customers, like you.

When I got started building funnels, I got hired by a company that invested in Russell’s Funnel Hacks program… which was $997. He taught everything from soup to nuts, so that if you were brand new, you had the whole encyclopedia... or if you were more experienced, you could pull the chapters out that were most applicable.

Many entrepreneurs succeeded with Funnel Hacks. So Russell’s company exploded. He learned a lot about many types of businesses, he improved his system & then he rebuilt Funnel Hacks training and renamed it to Funnel Builder Secrets... then raised the price to $1,997.

He has since sold over 10k copies of Funnel Builder Secrets at $1,997.

Hundreds of his students have used Funnel Builder Secrets to sell at least $1M in products/services… and he can prove it.

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