What Is A Big Idea?

A big idea is an idea your prospect has never heard before, that promises to solve the problem that keeps them awake at night, in a unique way.

Let’s break this down…

Never heard before

Most advertisers look where they are going to advertise, see what their competition is saying & assume that it is working, so they copy & paste the same ad, with their own twist.

This is the SAME idea. Your ad should be a different idea. When it’s something they have never heard before, it’s a new idea. 

You NEVER want to use the same idea that your competitor is using. If you do, you will split the difference in available traffic. And if you have 10 competitors using the same idea, you will only have the potential to get 10% of the traffic.

You want a new ad, a new idea, something they have never heard before. This way, the other 9 competitors can fight over 50% of the available traffic & you can get 50% of the available traffic to your business.


  • Real Estate broker A has an ad that says “I am the best in this city”
  • Real Estate broker B copies A’s idea but put his own twist on it and says “I am the best in this zip code”
  • Real Estate broker C comes up with a new idea and says “sell for top dollar”

Ideas A & B mean “the broker is great”.

Idea C means “I can make more money”.

2 different ideas. Make sure your idea is always different than your competitors.

Promises to solve a problem

In the broker example above, the prospect is a homeowner. They have a problem. They are trying to sell their house, or at least they are thinking about it. They have some tough decisions ahead of them so they know they have to read some books, put their trust in a broker, call a lawyer or get help some other way, because they are not experts at selling houses and they are likely to make some serious mistakes that could cost a lot of money & time.

So they think & think & think. They lose sleep over this. They are living in a state of anxiety. And this is a problem.

The savvy broker would talk about this in their marketing. 

For example

  • “3 big mistakes homeowners make when selling their home”
  • “Hiring Guide: how to know which real estate lawyer, broker & contractor to hire”
  • “Top Dollar Checklist: After selling more than 1,000 homes, I can show you a thing or two about how to get top dollar for your house. I have created a checklist that I use every time I sell a home & I would like you to have it, for free, so that you can sell your home for top dollar, whether you hire me or not”

Any one of these pieces of content would help a Real Estate agent solve a problem in the market…. and this becomes a part of your big idea.

Unique Way

The other concern prospects have is why you?

Now I have your guide, I believe it will help me get top dollar, but why should I hire you?

Why not do it myself or hire someone else?

And the answer is:

Because you have a secret recipe.

You have a recipe, formula, specialized knowledge, rolodex, volume discount or any other reason… you have something that nobody else can offer.


  • Google
    • They have an algorithm that nobody knows
  • Coca-Cola
    • They have a recipe that nobody knows
  • Infomercials
    • They sell products at a loss & know how to make money anyways

If you were a Real Estate broker…

One way you can go about this is by proving that you are the best advertiser in the market… and because of this, your prospect can sell for top dollar.

They can hire another agent who will charge the same commission, but then they will get less for their house. Or, they can sell it by owner, but then you have to learn all of your advertising tricks AND spend all that energy, money & time on ads, phone calls & negotiations.

Armed with your unique way, you make it a part of your big idea.

You talk about it in your marketing

So now I have your guide, I believe it will help me get top dollar & you explained to me why the only place I can get it is through you… 

You now have a big idea.

This big idea informs all of your marketing… or at least all of the marketing for one particular campaign.

Your campaign starts with the big idea.

You reveal the big idea right away, in the headline.

And this works because your competition are recycling the same idea.

Meanwhile, a prospect sees your ad & your competitors ads and thinks to themselves “Wow! This Real Estate broker seems to know what they are doing!”.

You would have to play around with it and massage it to say what you want to say, but here is how that could look as a headline:

Top Dollar Checklist: In the last 26 days, 28 Chicago area homeowners just sold their house for at least 12% more than their neighbors, because of this checklist

And then immediately after your headline, you would elaborate on that promise that your prospect has never heard before, that promises to solve the problem that keeps them awake at night, in a unique way.

Thanks for reading, I hope you put this to good use. Whatever you do, don’t let it distract you. There are many good ways to achieve your goal, but only 1 best way.

Think of it like a bridge. If you had to build a bridge to get you from where you are at, to where you want to be, what would it look like, how much money would it cost, what material would you use?

This should help you decide…

Imagine the Grand Canyon. You are on one side of the canyon and your pot of gold is on the other side of the canyon. Maybe you want financial freedom, maybe you want to enjoy your work, maybe you are trying to raise money for a cause, whatever your goal is, the only way to get it is by building a bridge.

The problem is, we live in a day & age where opportunities are everywhere. It's hard to decide which one is best. And when we do, another opportunity comes around & distracts us from the project we are currently working on.

This results in a dozen half-built bridges.

Imagine if you had poured all those resources into one single bridge.

The way out of this trap is to pick one bridge... and only one bridge. Maybe it's Facebook advertising, maybe it's copywriting, maybe it's email marketing... it could be any single bridge.

The most important factor in making your decision is determining which bridge is going to be the best way to get your pot of gold.

Here is why this is so important....

Once you finish 1 bridge, you not only get your pot of gold, but you also create an income stream that will provide you with the money, time & energy to build another bridge.

Now you can hire people to build your 2nd bridge & your 3rd bridge & so on. Here is the problem...

There are hundreds, even thousands of bridges you COULD build.

This leads to analysis paralysis. You can't decide which bridge is the best bridge, so you go back to what you were working on & stay stuck.

That is exactly why I wrote a quiz for you. I want you to get clarity around which bridge to build first. All you do is answer a dozen questions & a couple minutes from now, you will have clarity.

Click here to see the quiz.