This Makes Up For Marketing Weakness

Most marketers are not experts in copywriting.

And those who are, may not be adding as much value as you think.


Because what the prospect cares about more than your writing ability, is what’s in it for them.

In the end, they care about the deal.

They want to know if your product or service is their best alternative.

When they factor in the price, terms, bonuses, features, etc & compare them to what your competitors are offering; which offer is going to be their best option.

They want to know your offer.

And your offer is more important than you are probably thinking.

It’s more important than your copywriting.

If all you do is prove to them that you have the best product, at the best price & you have all the tools & resources ready to help them achieve their goal… and then place an ad explaining this, with little to no copywriting skills, you are going to make some sales.

On the other hand, if your copy is VERY persuasive and then they find out that your price, terms, etc is not as good as your competitors, they will take the intel you shared with them in your pro copy & then go buy your competitor’s product.

And when you combine a great offer, with great targeting, your copywriting can be average & your campaign will still succeed.

What matters to them is what’s in it for them.

Your offer is the heart & soul of your campaign.

If you spend plenty of time thinking through your offer, your conversion rate will go up.


Landscaper A offers a 20% discount on lawn maintenance, with a 1 year contract.

Landscaper B offers a 20% discount on lawn maintenance & includes weed whacking, power-raking, fertilizing, weed killing & raking, at no additional cost, with a 1 year contract.

Landscaper B simply articulated the offer better, and in exchange, he gets a higher percentage of prospects to call him.


Because both landscapers do all of those things, no matter how much you pay.

Landscaper B just talked about it.

Landscaper B just spent some time thinking about his offer & created a better value proposition.

The prospect thinks “landscaper B is a way better deal” and gets all excited and picks up the phone.

Meanwhile, landscaper A may actually have a better service. They may actually do a better job of communicating with customers, showing up on time, making the lawn look greener & sending their customers gifts.

Landscaper B is simply a better marketer.

Therefore, your campaigns will be more profitable if you spend more time thinking about your offer, your value proposition, your deal.

It’s the single most important component of your marketing campaign, in the eyes of your prospect.

Thanks for reading, I hope you put this to good use. Whatever you do, don’t let it distract you. There are many good ways to achieve your goal, but only 1 best way.

Think of it like a bridge. If you had to build a bridge to get you from where you are at, to where you want to be, what would it look like, how much money would it cost, what material would you use?

This should help you decide…

Imagine the Grand Canyon. You are on one side of the canyon and your pot of gold is on the other side of the canyon. Maybe you want financial freedom, maybe you want to enjoy your work, maybe you are trying to raise money for a cause, whatever your goal is, the only way to get it is by building a bridge.

The problem is, we live in a day & age where opportunities are everywhere. It's hard to decide which one is best. And when we do, another opportunity comes around & distracts us from the project we are currently working on.

This results in a dozen half-built bridges.

Imagine if you had poured all those resources into one single bridge.

The way out of this trap is to pick one bridge... and only one bridge. Maybe it's Facebook advertising, maybe it's copywriting, maybe it's email marketing... it could be any single bridge.

The most important factor in making your decision is determining which bridge is going to be the best way to get your pot of gold.

Here is why this is so important....

Once you finish 1 bridge, you not only get your pot of gold, but you also create an income stream that will provide you with the money, time & energy to build another bridge.

Now you can hire people to build your 2nd bridge & your 3rd bridge & so on. Here is the problem...

There are hundreds, even thousands of bridges you COULD build.

This leads to analysis paralysis. You can't decide which bridge is the best bridge, so you go back to what you were working on & stay stuck.

That is exactly why I wrote a quiz for you. I want you to get clarity around which bridge to build first. All you do is answer a dozen questions & a couple minutes from now, you will have clarity.

Click here to see the quiz.