Sales Letter Template

All of the marketing experts I have studied have a sales letter template. They use it like a checklist to remind themselves of all of the most important elements of persuasion.

If they leave something out, good chance it will flop. If they check all the boxes, there is a good chance it will work.

And the reason they use a sales “letter” template as opposed to a sales “video” template or any other type of template is because the words can be reused in other places like a sales video.

Once you have the words, you can use it any way you want.

It can be used in any medium, with or without design, with or without audio, with or without video, live or recorded, in any way you want.

I think of a sales letter like a sales person thinks of a script.

It’s the prepared message you want to deliver. It’s the sequence you want to communicate. It’s the talking points that you know are important to the prospect.

The exact words you use, the slang, your voice, etc are less important than the ideas you are communicating.

It’s WHAT you communicate, not HOW you communicate that is important.

These are in order, from the beginning of the letter, to the end, but broken up so that I can explain the importance of each. After I explain the elements, I will demonstrate how they fit together by writing a fictional sales letter, so that you can write your own sales letter.

Element 1: Attention

If you were at a festival and you want to get everyone’s attention, you would use a megaphone and speak loudly. That will get their attention. It works a little different online. You would replace the megaphone with a headline.

Notice how you scan through your news feed to look for interesting ideas. That is the right way to get attention online. And you get attention by making them curious & by revealing how your marketing is going to benefit them.

Element 2: Interest

After you have their attention, you have to generate interest. Speaking loudly with a megaphone may get them to look at you, but if what you have to say is not better than what they already had their attention on, they lose interest.

And since we don’t have a megaphone online, you want to use words; to make people interested. This portion of the marketing campaign is known as the lead. It leads people into your sales letter. It’s goal is to expand on the headline. You made a promise to improve their life, in the headline, now use the lead to explain what you meant.

Element 3: Problem

Your words have been compelling so far, so they are listening. Now it's time to rub salt in the wound. They have a problem in their life (which your product solves) and your marketing so far has promised to help them with it.

In order to keep their interest, you have to remind them of the problem in their life. Not at a surface level, but a deeper level. You do that by showing them the consequence of not doing anything.

Element 4: Solution

This is where you reveal your solution… not your product, but the fact that you are here to solve their problem. You are here to guide them. There is a solution to the problem in their life that you just reminded them about. You are the bearer of good news. Today, they may never have to worry about it again.

Element 5: Credibility

Now that you promised to help them, they are going to be curious about how trustworthy you are & how effective you are at helping people in their situation. So you have to build credibility. You have to prove to them why you (or your brand, etc) are qualified to help them. Why should they believe you?

Element 6: Proof

Once they believe in you, their next question is going to be, why is this solution the best solution on the market? Answer that question by sharing testimonials, success stories, stats, awards or anything that proves that your solution works.

Element 7: Benefits

Your solution most likely improves their lives in more ways than just the one you have talked about so far. For example, a golf membership does not just provide golf and all of its’ benefits, it also provides a pool, tennis, dining, a community & all of their benefits. Whatever the most important benefits are to your market should be addressed here.

Element 8: Offer

Now it’s time to make your offer. This includes the price, the terms, the features, any guarantees, any bonuses and a reason to respond now.

Element 9: Call To Action

This is a simple command. It’s simple because it’s short & easy to understand. It’s a command because it’s telling them what to do next, very clearly, because some people would hem & haw if you don’t tell them firmly & confidently what to do next. This can either be a hotlink or a button they click, which takes them to the order form.

Element 10: Warning

Warn them of the consequences of not taking action. It’s not mean, but it’s not nice either. It’s a sentence or a phrase that is strongly encouraging someone to move to the next step.

If your loved one had an addiction, you wouldn’t ask them if they want treatment, you would force them to check into the rehab center, knowing that if you don’t show some tough love, they are going to overdose.

This has that same level of urgency. If you really care about your market, and they really have a problem, and your solution really is best for them, you would be acting like an enemy if you didn’t do everything in your power to get them to solve their problem.

It’s the hard truth, the tough love, the leadership of a coach that they may not be getting from anywhere else but will often push the right people in your direction, because they WANT leadership, they WANT a coach, they are willing to hear some hard truths, if it means they can solve their problem. And by you taking this posture, the right people are MORE interested in you now, not less.

And this only works if you have delivered value beforehand. They must feel excited by your message because they are feeling a sense of hope, because you sound like you know what you are talking about and your solution makes sense.

Element 11: Urgency

Give them a reason to do it RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, RIGHT NOW. They are likely to get distracted and all of your hard work will amount to nothing if you don’t strike while the iron is hot.

You do that by creating a sense of urgency, using a deadline, a limited supply, an extra bonus or something that is true, but only available if they act immediately.

Element 12: Reminder

Many readers are skimmers, so if you are going to publish this in text, you want to provide the skimmers with a summary of the whole message. 

It could be a “PS”, if could be a “last thought”, “summary” or whatever you want to call it, but it covers the main points in a couple of sentences. 

Usually you will talk about the benefits & the offer because they care the most about how you can improve their life and if they can afford it.

As promised, I am going to walk you through each element in a sales letter. You may have noticed that I color coded each element using 3 different colors. In the following sales message you will see the same pattern below, so you can read the description above and then see how it could look in a sales letter...

Fictional sales letter for example purposes only...

Now You Can Fly To Your Friend’s House

No, it’s not a helicopter… it's not a marketing gimmick and this is no joke… 

It’s a new innovation that is coming out, that I discovered in my investment research.

There is a company that is building drones that fly humans, right now.

They should be available for purchase in a couple years.

And right now you are ahead of the curve & if this is the first time hearing this information, you know I am right.

Some are saying “the Jetsons were prophetic”.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true… just like you never would have believed that you can order almost anything online and have it delivered within a day… and now it’s a normal part of our society.

In this letter, I am going to make the case that you should be considering this as an investment opportunity, because just like anyone who invested in Amazon a decade ago, this has the potential to change your financial future.

If you’re like most investors, you have had your fair share of economics bumps & bruises. The stock market crashes, the Real Estate market crashes, businesses fail, partners bail & you no longer know what to believe… so you do nothing… because not losing money is better than losing money.

That’s about to change!

See, the good news is that when you follow the advice in this letter, you are no longer going to have to worry about where you get your financial wisdom. I am going to show you which companies are positioned to explode, how to avoid paying brokerage commissions, where all the smartest investors are investing & why they don’t want you to know what they are investing in... and much more.

It’s a 3 part system that I created to help the ordinary investor get extraordinary results, with less risk & less research so they can spend more time with their families & hobbies instead of banging their head against the wall reading journals, newspapers & websites all day long.

Hi, my name is Tom Jones. For the past 2 decades I have worked for Shark Investing Company & we have helped 1,932 entrepreneurs turn their ideas into wealth. But sadly, a small chunk of our former clients refused to listen to our advice and ended up in bankruptcy. Clear patterns emerged. I created a list of the commonalities between our successful clients & another list of the commonalities between our failed clients. Then I had an idea…

What if this was always true? What if all companies succeed or fail for the same reasons? If I could find companies with leaders that had the same commonalities as our successful clients, I could invest in stocks that had a high probability of growth.

So I started looking in the stock market for companies with leaders like the ones who made their companies grow… and I invested my own cash, because I believed that my money was safe and I could invest in companies that were little known, but had the potential to explode into household names.

It worked! I now enjoy the fruits of my labor, using my own system, that nobody else taught me, that nobody else has access to. This has allowed me to enjoy 17% returns, when the best hedge fund investment companies are happy with a 12% return. While I never give away my formula for what makes these leaders strong, and what to avoid… I do tell my clients which companies are positioned to grow & why.

This means that not only will you enjoy a higher return, but you will also live in peace knowing that your retirement is headed in the right direction. Many clients have reported that they are now getting their children & their grandchildren involved… not only so they can make wiser decisions with their money, but also because my clients crunched the numbers and realized that their nest egg is going to be sizable, and they want to make sure they pass it on to the responsible ones who will manage it well.

And that is why I am so excited to share my service with you. I run an email newsletter that I send out once a week. I spend 80% of my working hours researching companies… and then I take all my research, condense it into a one page report & fire it off to you… along with commentary on why I believe the company is positioned well… and my proprietary “confidence scoring system” so that you know how much I believe in the opportunity, relative to all of the other opportunities in the report.

The cost is $49/mo and there is no contract. You can come & go as you please. In addition, if you are unhappy with the service, for any reason, I will send you a full refund, no questions asked.

And if you buy within 15 minutes, you can get my archived issues, free of charge. This means that you can look back in history and see how accurate my confidence scoring system is. You can take my highest rated companies and see if I was right. Then you can take my lowest rated companies and see if I was right. And what some clients like to do is compare their Real Estate, precious metals & ALL of their investment opportunities against this. They usually find that even my lowest rated opportunities outperform their best opportunities outside of my newsletter.

Warning! If you don’t click the button above, expect life to stay the same. The decisions you have made so far have gotten you the results that you have. If you want better results, you have to make better decisions. Let me, my research, my experience & my clients success stories be your guide.


You missed out!

The clock is ticking, if you want to receive the bonus archived issues. I do this because this is how I know who trusts me. If you don’t trust me enough at this point to grab my risk-free offer, then you are probably not going to be a good fit for me.

I don’t like giving all my secrets, years of publishing & hard work away to people who don’t trust me. I like to keep it simple… and dealing with angry customers, who like to delegate blame, is not simple. 

PS - Remember, this is risk-free. You can request a refund at any time. And for only $49, considering that you will learn how to get a 17% ROI, when the best hedge fund guys only get 12%, it’s a no brainer. And that is nowhere near as rewarding as teaching your children & grandchildren how to invest. You become the rainmaker who sets your family up for generational wealth.

Thanks for reading, I hope you put this to good use. Whatever you do, don’t let it distract you. There are many good ways to achieve your goal, but only 1 best way.

Think of it like a bridge. If you had to build a bridge to get you from where you are at, to where you want to be, what would it look like, how much money would it cost, what material would you use?

This should help you decide...

Imagine the Grand Canyon. You are on one side of the canyon and your pot of gold is on the other side of the canyon. Maybe you want financial freedom, maybe you want to enjoy your work, maybe you are trying to raise money for a cause, whatever your goal is, the only way to get it is by building a bridge.

The problem is, we live in a day & age where opportunities are everywhere. It's hard to decide which one is best. And when we do, another opportunity comes around & distracts us from the project we are currently working on.

This results in a dozen half-built bridges.

Imagine if you had poured all those resources into one single bridge.

The way out of this trap is to pick one bridge... and only one bridge. Maybe it's Facebook advertising, maybe it's copywriting, maybe it's email marketing... it could be any single bridge.

The most important factor in making your decision is determining which bridge is going to be the best way to get your pot of gold.

Here is why this is so important....

Once you finish 1 bridge, you not only get your pot of gold, but you also create an income stream that will provide you with the money, time & energy to build another bridge.

Now you can hire people to build your 2nd bridge & your 3rd bridge & so on. Here is the problem...

There are hundreds, even thousands of bridges you COULD build.

This leads to analysis paralysis. You can't decide which bridge is the best bridge, so you go back to what you were working on & stay stuck.

That is exactly why I wrote a quiz for you. I want you to get clarity around which bridge to build first. All you do is answer a dozen questions & a couple minutes from now, you will have clarity.

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