I grew up in a big family.

My parents had 8 mouths to feed.

My Dad worked very hard to provide for us.

He is an entrepreneur.

When I was 5 years old he owned 160 properties.

When I was 6, the tax law changed and he lost them all.

And my Mom was pregnant with twins.

It was stressful.

We lived in survival mode for a decade.

I was figuring life out, on my own.

When I was a kid, I did newspaper routes, cut grass & recycled my neighbors junk.

In high school, I upgraded to pizza delivery, cell phone sales & multi-level marketing.

When I graduated from high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do.

My Dad offered to teach me Real Estate.

I got my Real Estate license & sold apartment buildings with him for a decade.

I was a big fan of Rich Dad Poor Dad, so I also bought a handful of properties to create passive income.

Then the market crashed in 2009 & I lost all my properties.

I did some soul searching & realized that I enjoyed marketing more than Real Estate.

My friend told me about how to make money online by paying Google for clicks & selling things on your website.

So I bought a course on how to do that and it went well for a bit & then it crashed.

Google suspended me because my site was only built for generating leads… WOW! Really?

But I was excited about online marketing so I learned how to do search engine optimization.

I took a course on that & it went well for a bit & then it crashed.

Google changed the algorithm. The pages that I had ranked, lost their position and I had to decide between diving deeper into SEO or pivoting to another marketing tactic.

I pivoted.

I wanted to learn email marketing so I bought a course on that and it went well.

Only I wasn’t generating many leads, so I had to add a lead gen strategy.

So I learned how to do Bing ads.

Then Facebook came around… yada yada yada.

I could go on & on about all the changes I had to make.

I spent over 100k learning about business & marketing.

Marketing is a beast.

But a very profitable beast if you know what you are doing.

The ROI can be insane.

In Real Estate, you put 100k in and you get 500k worth of property. 20 years later it doubles and you turn your 100k investment into $1M.

In marketing, you put 100k in & get $1M back, the same year.

Marketing is all about ideas.

You take your ideas to the market & let the market vote with their credit card.

You spend a little money to buy data... so you can spend the rest of your money on ads that turn $1 into $2.

If you put $100 in today, tomorrow your bank account will have $200 in it.

If you put $1M in today, tomorrow your bank account will have $2M in it.

It’s the same amount of work either way.

And both ways are less work than Real Estate.

The problem is, there are a million ways you can go about marketing.

Marketing is a huge maze w/ endless rabbit holes.

The biggest mistake I have seen marketers make is a lack of focus.

They get excited about a marketing strategy, they start building it & get half way through the project & get excited about another marketing strategy.

They end up with a bunch of half built projects… which costed a ton of energy, money & time... and some burnt relationships.

All of that can be avoided if you are the type of person that is willing to put your blinders on & put 100% of your resources into 1 project instead of 10% of your resources into 10 projects.

If that is you, the next question is, which strategy is right for you, considering your unique situation and all of the opportunities that exist online today.

And to answer that requires outside help.

You need someone who can ask you a series of questions to figure out which marketing strategy is going to get you the best results, in the least amount of time.

I used to offer this type of service, but unfortunately, I don’t do consultations anymore.

I have something better.

I built a quiz to help you figure this out.

It will ask you the same questions that I used to ask my clients to figure out which marketing strategy they should use to grow their business.

Why do I provide a free quiz instead of charge for consulting?

Because I make money selling software…. and after you see your results, I am going to show you why I think you should invest in it.

But don’t worry it’s not a hard pitch.

It’s just a recommendation that I believe will help you achieve financial freedom, in record time.

The quiz is 11 questions long & takes 2 minutes to complete.

And... it will save you some money. Rather than pay $500 to a consultant, you can get the same answer for free by taking my quiz.

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