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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

It all started to make sense once I learned this...

I was reading a book by Michael Gerber called "The E-Myth" and he said that there are only 3 types of workers in any business.

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Manager
  3. Technician

Entrepreneurs are innovators. They think creatively. They see problems & solutions. They think big. They start projects.

Managers are pragmatic. They think logically. They see structure. They are organized. They finish projects.

Technicians are craftsmen & women. They build. They construct. They perfect. 

The problem with business & the primary reason that I believe the failure rate is so high is because the entrepreneur doesn't know this.

They do all 3.

They wear too many hats.

They come up with big ideas, get to work & then give up at the first sign of defeat, because their next idea looks a lot more attractive.

It's called shiny object syndrome.

What's the solution?

List all the jobs that need to get done to make your business profitable... then ask yourself which jobs you want to do & which jobs you don't want to do... then ask for help.

Maybe you have a big budget and a big team and you can simply re-organize your structure.

Maybe you have a modest budget and you can identify 1 or 2 projects that you want to focus and find freelancers to help you with the rest.

Maybe you have zero budget and you have to pick the 1 thing that will produce the most revenue with the least effort so that you can afford to hire help later.

Whatever your scenario... regardless of the type of business you are in... whether you are flying solo or you have a well-established business... there is one activity that would make a big impact on your bottom line...

And I would like to help you find it.

I built a quiz tool that will help you discover exactly that.

I call it the "Quick Cash Quiz" because the purpose of the tool is to help you find out your greatest opportunity so that you can make some quick cash.

The quiz is free & the reason I am doing this is because I sell education & software that is designed to help entrepreneurs succeed. I want to help you get a quick win so you can get a taste of how I can help you, before I introduce what I sell.

By the time you are done taking this quiz, you will have clarity in the following areas:

  1. Which marketing strategy is your low hanging fruit
  2. Which selling strategy is your low hanging fruit
  3. Which followup strategy is your low hanging fruit

If you have a big idea & you combine it with a powerful selling system, you have the foundation for a financially free lifestyle.

Let me show you...

Take the quiz by clicking here.

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