Could There Be a Shortcut to Brain Health?

Learn how you can get access to "notes" on top shelf books by high paid authors, Doctors, and brain health experts.

Do you suffer from indecision?

Do you have a hard time committing to promises you make?

Don't you wish there was a less expensive alternative to seeing a psychiatrist who may or may not give you the right prescription?

Hi, I am Nick Graff.

Brain Health Strategist

​Several of my family members have mental illnesses...

Including me!

I was diagnosed with "Inattentive ADD" as an adult.

The psychiatrist prescribed me to meds that didn't work and I decided to stop before I got addicted.

But a decade went by and the same confusing thoughts and indecision continued to plague me.

So I decided to get help.

But as bad as I needed help... my family needed attention more.

I had to decide between my own mental health and my daughters growing up to be emotionally strong and ready to face the world when the day comes for them to fly out of the nest.

So I looked for solutions and bonked myself on the head when I realized that I missed out on a decade of mental health.

I discovered books.

Here is what I mean...

Authors spend weeks/months/years writing a book... and often they spend decades in life experience learning what they wrote about.

That was a big idea for me...

Now I can glean a couple decades worth of wisdom in a couple days.

And instead of paying my expensive psychiatrist who prescribed me to addictive medication, I decided to learn my way through it.

So now I study the best authors, medical professionals, and mental health experts to learn what I need to know to eliminate confusion, indecision, depression, and other detrimental thoughts that cause me to make bad decisions and gain weight.

​I read the book, take notes, turn them into a checklist, and keep them on my hard drive so that I can quickly access them any time I need to jog my memory.

And i want to make this available to you!

​I imagine you don't have the time to read a bunch of books or the money to see a psychiatrist.

So I am the next best alternative.​

I would do it for free, but I can't.

Technology and advertising costs won't allow it.

So instead, I am going to make it as cheap as possible.

For less than the cost of the book/training itself, i will make the notes, checklists, etc available to you.

Here is how it works:

I read a book, take a video course, attend a seminar, etc revolving around brain health, and I take a ton of notes (don't worry, my inattentive ADD does not mean I am not good at taking notes, in fact taking notes is the solution to not paying attention).

Then I edit the notes, format them, and pretty them up so that you can read them in under 1 hour. 

I think that gives you an extreme edge... Instead of spending decades learning about brain health like the author did... or a week preparing these notes like I do... you get the guts of the insight for dirt cheap and a very modest amount of your time.


Huge time savings: no need to read the book like I did, just read the most important parts

PDF format: save the checklist & notes to your computer, phone, or other device for easy access... or keep it in your email archives for cloud access

Cheap price: Instead of paying the full price of a book or even more expensive training, you only have to pay for the notes

Preview: Perhaps you just want to use my notes to preview the book... some books are dry, boring, and less valuable to you than others... now you can read my notes and decide if it is worth your time to read the whole book


Your first week is free... no credit card required.

Then, you will have the option of subscribing.


You can cancel at any time.

This is especially useful for busy Moms, tired entrepreneurs, and time strapped people.

To get your first week for free, please click here.